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GranuMaS™ in Orthopaedics Application

Video showing how GranuMas can be applied in orthopaedic. It can be seen that GranuMas was applied to fill the void and gaps between the bones. During healing process, GranuMas will act as a platform for the formation of bones.


Journal & publication

Technical and scientific Information about our product GranuMas can be found in many journals and publications for our customer and researcher references. Our product research and development involved various institutions and researchers, both local and also international.

Paper and journal on our page are free for download, may with all these references,enhance our sense of innovation in medical field,besides increasing our awareness and knowledge. For professionals who may use GranuMas as their choice of bone graft, hopefully these journals and information will convince you to use our products. Feel free to download!

Our products are proven to be osteoconductive and compatible with human bodies. To have more details on this, click on the link below to see how our GranuMas works during in-vivo test using rabbit as test specimen.

An In Vivo Implantation Study in New Zealand White Rabbits for Granular Hydroxyapatite

Bone grafting in orthopaedic is a large area of study, one of area which is focused by Granulab is the use of GranuMas in bone fracture. Paper in the link below shows the use of HA granules in cases involving fractures.


Use of bone graft substitute in the treatment for distal radius fractures in elderly

There are various types of bone grafts that are used in medical field. Such as Autogenous bone graft, Allogenic, Xenogenic and also alloplastic materials. link below is the comparison result of using synthetic bone graft and autologous bone graft.

Histological Evaluation of Hydroxapatite Granules with and without PLatelet-Rich Plasma versus an Autologus Bone graft

We will update you with more latest information and publications from time to time.

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