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MUKISI IHEX 2018 (International Islamic Healthcare Conference Expo) is an event that highlights Syariah Complience Hospitals around Indonesia Market. The event focuses on HALAL healthcare products and technology that can be applied in Syariah Complience Hospitals. For these reasons, Granulab takes this huge opportunity to launch GranuMaS product as HALAL Bone Graft at this MUKISI IHEX event in Jakarta, Indonesia by participating in booth exhibition.

14th National Basic Arthroplasty Course 2018

This 14th National Basic Arthroplasty Course event was held from 20th until 21th of March 2018 at The International Islamic University Malaysia Medical Centre, Kuantan Pahang. This program covers diverse aspects of the basic and advance arthroplasty issues involving several aspect from medical, surgery, post-surgery and wound care.

Arab Health, 2018

Arab Health is the largest gathering of healthcare and trade professionals in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. The 2018 edition of the event is welcomed more than 4,200 exhibiting companies and 103,000 attendees from 150+ countries. Accompanying the exhibition will be a number of business, leadership and Continuing Medical Education (CME) conferences providing the very latest updates and insights into cutting edge procedures, techniques and skills.