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1) Granumas – Hydroxyapatite Granular Bone Graft

GranuMaS is an osteoconductive granular synthetic bone graft material based on calsium phosphate hydroxyapatite. It is an excellent alternative material for the repair of bone defects due to the hydroxyapatite that is currently being used as a bioactive coating on many surgical and dental implants such as in the Dental, ENT, Orthopaedics and Maxillofacial specialties.

GranuMaS is using a patented process (Malaysian Patent Pending P1 2004 0748). It is derived from pure commercial chemicals and Malaysian limestone and has fulfilled all of the criteria required under the ASTM F1185-88 (1993) Standard for Composition of Hydroxyapatite (HA) for Surgical Implants.

This product has gone through extensive biocompatibility and safety evaluation and has also demonstrated excellent biofunctionality in clinical trials and successfully screened through various in vitro and in vivo tests, which were all conducted with the collaboration of respectable institutions of higher learning in Malaysia. Its highly osteoconductive properties promotes good callus formation and the subsequent healing of bone defects.


2) Synthetic Bone Construct (SBC) – Custom-made Bone Construct

SBC is a custom-made bone construct to treat segmental bone defects or injuries either due to trauma or non-union cases or even diseased bones. Moreover, it is an osteoconductive and biodegradable synthetic bone construct from calcium phosphate-based materials (>50%). The main composition of SBC is the combination of Tri-calcium phosphate and Tetra-calcium phosphate materials; which are highly resorbable. SBC will be prepared in powder form and can be shaped into solids of various shapes and sizes via moulds.

It can form discs of different sizes and thickness to fill any segmental bone loss or defects and also can be made into pallets and blocks. SBC blocks normally have porous structures. Since SBC produced is custom-made, it means that for every case, a specific mould will be used to produce the bone construct. The sterilization for this product is using gamma irradiation.