• Job Title: Sales and Marketing Manager
  • Job Level: Manager
  • Department: Sales & Marketing
  • Reporting to:  Chief Executive Officer

To give direction and leadership toward the achievement of the organization’s operational aspects in accordance with the organization’s philosophy, vision, values, mission, strategy, and annual goals and objectives. Oversees all aspects of Marketing Management in accordance with the company mission statement, including maximization of financial performance, guest satisfaction, and staff development within established quality standards. Responsible for the training and discipline of all staff.

Key Job Responsibilities

1.     Work with Chief Executive Officer to develop a sales strategy for business growth.
2.     Liaise with overseas customers and follow up with their sales inquiries and orders.
3.     Develop new customers for Company’s products and services.
4.  Develop and manage customer relationships, network widely across the sector, maximize outreach and develop strategic partnerships.
5.     Achieving sales targets and delivering new businesses according to Business Plan.
6.     Maintain brand positioning whilst ensuring profitability.
7.     Collect competitor intelligence whilst conducting marketing research.
8.     Prepare sales forecasts and performance reports to achieve sales targets.
9.     To participate in international trade fairs, and coordinate with new & existing customers.
10.  To attend promptly to overseas sales inquiries.
11.  To assist general export activities in the Customer Service Section to ensure smooth workflow on order processing and deliveries.
12.  Formulate the Company’s annual Business Plan and any other short to long-term business plans, objectives, KRAs, KPIs, and targets and ensure effective strategies and action plans implementation.
13.  Implements plans, and oversees the design, marketing, promotion, delivery, and quality of programs, products, and services.
14.  Ensure increase in commercial income as per the agreed projection in Business plan.
15.  Provide leadership in the business growth of the Company, product range, and branding.
16.  Prudent and effective management to minimize operations costs and maximize profitability.
17.  Review the performance of staff and organize necessary interventions for improvement to ensure delivery of the Company’s objectives and annual target.
18.  Looks to the future for change opportunities.
19.  Develop and maintain external relations and strategic alliances with external organizations of the Company’s strategic importance.
20.  Attend and participate in the meetings, events, and any occasion which may be necessary for the growth of the business as and when required by the Company.
21.  Maintain the highest standards of integrity and conduct, be in compliance with all anti-corruption laws applicable and avoid all conflicts of interest, it is understood that the Company’s interests shall always prevail over its interest.
22.  To do any other matters as directed by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or the Board of Directors.
23.  Interfaces between the Company and the community.

Job Requirements

  1. Master’s degree in business administration/management/marketing with industry experience and knowledge of the local and international export market.
  2. Having experience in managerial positions and product knowledge is an advantage.
  3. Other administrative courses and certificate courses are welcome
  4. Able to control the team and evaluate the performance of everyone.
  5. Good decision-making skills and capable of motivating his/her subordinates for better performance.
  6. Able to organize quality control and audit meetings.
  7. Capable of working under stressful circumstances
  8. Have good writing and communication skills
  9. Must be willing to travel overseas when required.
  10. Fluent in speaking and writing English.